Pancake day recipes – something a little different.


So it’s Sunday evening and I am stuffed after 4 courses of pancakes. I’ve been practising recipes based on some of my favourite foods and testing them to share with you ( I know what a chore) 🙂

I’ve ditched the old, lemon and sugar routine for some more unusual combinations. Two are so easy, just bung in a pan and go, the other two require a little prep but they are most definitely worth it. For all of the pancakes, you just need a basic pancake mix or you can fake it with a supermarket mix, it’s totally up to you.

I’ve put all four recipes on easy-to-read ”cards”. There’s a mixture of vegetarian, vegan, meat/dairy based, and all have no more than 4 steps.

Let’s get tossing!


Really pleased with how these turned out, the crepe style pancake make them just like dosas.


A little more on the traditional side, perhaps it’s my upcoming trip to Paris making me go all continental on this recipe.


I used blood oranges for this just because they are in season but any orange would do. Sweet Freedom is also a personal favourite but again can be swapped for any chocolate sauce.


This was so worth the extra prep time. I had a bit left over so have put it in the freezer, now I have cheesecake ice cream at my disposal. Win!

I hope I’ve provided some pancake inspiration, whatever you make enjoy and indulge.

Bristol Bee


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