Valentines Day: Give love, save pennies

While I’m not that into Valentine’s day itself, I do think even if you don’t celebrate the day, it acts as a good excuse to remind yourself how grateful you are for your partner, what they do and how they make you feel. Unlike what the adverts might infer, your girlfriend/boyfriend (if their a decent human being) isn’t going to be disappointed with a less than luxury gift if its come from a loving place. Based on that I’ve listed some wallet-friendly ways to say ‘I love you’ without haemorrhaging our house deposit fund.

Boycott the 14th February

Even it falls on a convenient Friday on Saturday evening try to avoid it. You’ll be surrounded by other couples trying their best to be as in love as possible, you’ll witness at least one restaurant proposal that’s bound to shoot your boyfriend’s anxiety levels right up and you’ll get served a mediocre meal and then be expected to part with a small fortune.  I don’t judge. If its the date that makes it for you, jump right in but its something I personally try and avoid where possible.

Restaurants have caught on to this ‘boycotting’ over the last few years and I’ve noticed them running valentines set menus for a whole week to catch any unsuspecting couples. For us, well we just pick a weekend in February. I genuinely feel like it makes it more special not having to share your day with others

Make the presents

Yep, that’s right I said it. Now those of you of a similar age you may be put off by this suggestion based on your memories of that Friends episode, but with a little thought and planning it really can work. If in real doubt (guys I’m looking at you) a classic bouquet of Bloom & Wild flowers never fails.

Do a bit of role-playing – cheeky!

I’m talking about taking a moment to step into your partner’s shoes so you can appreciate them and what they offer to the relationship (your minds are in the gutter). Swap chores for a day or you know if you’re the lazy one, maybe do the chores for a day. Organise your next adventure if your partner usually takes the lead. Cook up a storm in the kitchen if you rely on your BF/GF for daily sustenance. These are really forgettable things in everyday life but your partner will feel so appreciated.

Double up! – no bowl of keys necessary

Celebrating your relationship or love, in general, doesn’t have to be a solitary affair. You may be really close with another couple who got together the same time as you or maybe they introduced you to each other? Grab them, a bottle of wine, a takeaway and be guaranteed a night of funny couple stories. You might even start a new tradition.

Send that text.

For some finding, this dedicated romance time can be hard, maybe your work crazy shifts and can’t plan ahead. Maybe you’re apart right now living in different places. If you really can’t do anything then just send that one text. You know the one I mean. The text that stands out from the ‘can you pick up the milk’ or ‘How is work’ messages you frequently exchange. The one that makes them smile all day long. Ahhhhhh

Happy Valentines, romance, love the one you’re with month everyone!

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