Spring: Vintage inspiration

January – ahh the sweet feeling of being perpetually cold, looking like you haven’t seen the sun for years and still carrying that Christmas weight you promised you would have lost by now. No? Just me?

To be fair January hasn’t been too bad for me, I’ve started some new projects, I’m beginning to get back into some regular fitness and I’ve been trying my best to embrace Veganuary which has left me feeling really good physically and has encouraged me to make more eco-friendly choices in our home.  In all honesty, it’s my ‘style’ or lack of that is most prominent during these winter months, so I’m looking ahead to the spring to prepare my wardrobe and my wallet for some ‘vintage lite’ purchases.

So what is ‘vintage lite’?

I’ve used this term a few times on various profiles etc. It doesn’t have any official meaning it’s just something I’ve coined to capture where I am with my own style right now. As much as I would love to leave the house each day looking as though I’ve stepped offset from Rita Hayworth’s ‘Cover Girl’, I like to be comfortable. I really admire and follow those pinups who have dedicated themselves to emulating this stylish time so accurately but I need an outfit that takes me from my walk to work, to an impromptu night ‘out-out’ when necessary and I’ve personally found the full vintage look a bit restrained in these scenarios. The middle ground I have found it to mix vintage silhouettes with modern fabrics and to pair classics pieces with jeans and/or funky heels.

Vintage icons on Instagram: I use these ladies to inspire me and try to translate these looks into a modern mix.

Victory Violet @Missvictoryviolet

Miss Alba @missalba.banana

Lady Eccentrik @ladyeccentrikb

Idda Van Munster @Iddavanmunster

Anyway on to the main purpose of the post, taking a look at what has made it on to my spring wish list. I’m not sure my bank account will allow me to buy them all but I can dream, right?

Budget Buys

Crown and Glory – shoe clips – £15.00

Great way to update heels without spending a fortune. I’ve got my eye on a gold and teal combo. Who says sparkle is just for Christmas?

Lindy bop – Nesta pinafore skirt  – £16.00

A little bit folk but I’d pair it with a fine knit, black tights and ankle boots

New Look – Pink floral tea dress – £24.99

In my opinion you can never have too many tea dresses. This is a style that really suits my figure so if I see one in a new colour or print I just hit buy! Great with ankle boots and a biker jacket.

Payday Splurge

Tatty Divine: Astrologer’s hand necklace – £35.00

I’m really fussy about jewellery, to the point that I don’t buy much and in turn, end up not wearing much either. Day to day I wear the same studs and a few rings but I love a statement piece. I feel this is a statement without being too large. I love anything constellation themed right now so this just ticks all the boxes.

Joanie clothing: Frenchie beauty school jumper – £38.00

For years I avoided jumpers. Being 5 ft and a size 12 with big norks means most knitwear is a no-no but I’ve tried to get over that and I feel wearing this cute jumper will help with my recovery.

Seamstress of Bloomsbury: Bonnie Blouse – £39.00

First of all, it’s cropped at the waist which means (for me at least) this will most likely fit me like a normal blouse fits a normal sized person. Hooray! Thinking of pairing with some high waisted jeans.

Savings Sacrifice

house of foxy

Comming soon – House of foxy tea dress – Price TBA (I’m guessing around £100) 

This isn’t even on their website yet I just caught a snapshot of it on Instagram. I’m not sure what the fabric is but I’m praying for a crepe or Bengaline type fabric…. please please, please! Guess we’ll have to watch this space.

Looking over these I’ve just noticed how many pink hues are creeping in. This is actually really odd for me as I’m usually drawn to blues and greens of various shades throughout the year. Could this be the year of pink?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my vintage inspired wish list. please note all prices are correct at the time of posting. Bye!

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