Recipe: Turkish Delight Martini

** Warning recipe for deliciously strong cocktail ahead**

It seems as soon as the 1st of December appears on our calendars everyone is ‘on the Baileys’. While there is certainly a time and place for this creamy creation I often find it a little too heavy. Not wanting to miss out on the decadent cocktail quaffing I set out to create my own version flavoured with my favourite confectionary Turkish delight.

Recipe: Makes 1 cocktail

  • 3 parts gin / 1.5 shots (Batch gin or Hendricks recommended)
  • 1 part vodka / 0.5 shot
  • Bluebird tea infusionEnchanted Narnia. You could omit this if you’re using a deeply flavoured gin such as those recommended but for standard dry gin, this really makes the difference.
  • 1 Tbls Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate
  • 1 Tbls Rose Syrup (find in the world foods section). You could substitute this for Rose Water but you will only need a dash. Rosewater will not provide any sweetness so a simple syrup may be required.
  • 3 Tbls Alpro Soya Cream 
  • Ice
  • 1 snazzy cocktail shaker




Soak your tea infusion in your gin and vodka mix for about 10 minutes, the longer the better really. If you’re making a bigger batch add an additional 5 minutes soaking per serving for optimised infusion.

Tip: if you have one use a cafetiere for your infusing. 

Pour your infused alcohol into a cocktail shaker with all the other ingredients and shake it up!!

Pour into martini glass and serve with a cube of Turkish Delight. Sip frequently.

*Sharing always encouraged but you would be forgiven for not wanting to*

cocktail pic 7

Mad about martinis? Check out this Toffee Nut one from Sophie So.








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