New Year… new… yeah you get it

A warm welcome to 2018…

While I think there is definitely enough space in 2018 for a bit of the old me it’s nice to look ahead and think where I would like to be this time next year. I’m hoping 2018 to be full of a few firsts so let’s start there.

Go to Paris

Dan booked this trip for my 30th in October. Although I’ve been to France many times I’ve never been to Paris and it’s something that’s always been on my ‘bucket list’. Dan has booked the most ‘instagramable’ hotel and planned tours to maximise our 3 days in the capital. I’m so excited I’ve even brought a beret…. Jeez, the French are going to hate me.

Buy a house

Probably the scariest thing on this list but I really hope 2018 is the year Dan and I become homeowners. Whilst our two bed flat has served us well it can’t compare with the creative freedom that comes with a home that is all yours. Hopefully, we’ll still have some pennies aside to start decorating and putting some of our upcycle ideas into action. Watch this space.

Find more time to get creative

I always think of little crafts, projects or even recipes that I would need to put a good afternoon aside to achieve. Most of the time this doesn’t happen because other life events get in the way, so I am proposing to myself that I put aside one day a month to ‘get creative’. If I don’t have a specific project in mind then I’ll use this time to mood board and research new things to try.

Read a book a month

I genuinely can’t remember the last time a read a book cover to cover. Again I blame ‘lack of time’ for this so trying to go to bed half an hour earlier to read is something I will aim to add to my evening routine.

Become more active

Not on the treadmill (although that couldn’t hurt) but in my community. Whether it’s an age thing or just giving more of a f**k, over the last few years I have become much more vocal about my thoughts on politics, the environment and the state of my local community. I mean clearly, because I’m a selfish human being I’ve not actually done anything about it, but instead of becoming a keyboard warrior and boring my friends with my take on things via social media, I thought I would perhaps pick one or two concerns and actually try and make a small difference. Below are some of my initial thoughts but if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Find more time for us

Dan and I used to make a point of going out on the 4th of every month to celebrate our anniversary. Due to saving for a house deposit and not for lack of wanting to go out with my handsome boyfriend, this tradition has fallen by the wayside a little in 2017. With the promise of better shift patterns in Dan’s workplace, I’m hoping we can re-start this in 2018. We don’t have much budget wise but I’d be happy with a (plant-based) burger and beer anyway.

Try one new recipe a week

As someone who cooks in a vegetarian household and wants to focus on plant-based meals variety is key. Trusty recipes like my vegan curry or lentil bolognese are great to bring out on a cold winter evening but I feel I need to mix up my weekly menu. Check out my blog on plant-based recipes if you’re looking for some inspiration.

My top 5 tasty plant-based dinners

Learn a new skill

I’m very much a ‘put my hand to anything’ person, but I rarely have the patience to master a skill. This year I would like to learn something creative but that I can make use of at home. Learning to upholster furniture or carpentry would definitely be beneficial if we buy a house, but with funds tight I feel more compact skills maybe the way forward. I’m looking forward to seeing what classes DeWinton paper company have going in the new year.

Try facial massage

I’ve been looking into the benefits of facial massage for a while mainly for its anti-ageing properties. It’s not an overnight fix but surely putting your facial muscles through a workout will have more long-term effects than an over promising cream or serum? 4 minutes with Abigal James is the video I’ve chosen to try out.

Okay well, that’s a few good ones for 2018. I think I’ll leave it there for now and maybe halfway through the year see how I’m getting on. What are you working on in 2018?



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