Afternoon up-cycle: The 5 step side table

Hello… It’s time for a bit of up-cycling shenanigans over at Bristol Bee HQ. As some of you will know from past blogs and my Instagram account I am on a mission to make my rented 2 bed flat as unique as possible with minimum spend. I feel doing this in advance means when we do buy our own house, most items will just be ready to go!

So what will you need?/Costs

  • Side table FREE (my favourite word) a generous donation from a friend along with 2 others which form a set of nesting tables. Check your local Gumtree or Facebook marketplace for similar finds on the cheap
  • Marble effect vinyl £5.49 (45cm x 2m) Amazon
  • Gold paint Rustoleum painters Touch £2.00 B&Q small pot but goes a long way
  • A rainy afternoon when you’re a bit bored and a little patience.

Step One:

Clean the surface you wish to stick the marble vinyl to and the areas you are going to paint. I did this a while ago before deciding to paint the top grey with chalk paint. It looked quite good but as this table is for the bathroom I quickly realised I needed something water proof instead. This picture is what I started with, however you do not need to paint the table prior to applying the vinyl or gold paint (assuming you use Rustoleum Painters touch paint).

Table 1

Step Two:

Measure your table and vinyl. I have little patience when it come to measuring but I try and resit the urge to rush as its always more time consuming to fix once the vinyl is attached. To help with this I turned the table upside down onto the vinyl and drew around it. I then crosschecked this against the measurements I had already taken to make sure everything matched up. This table has a bevelled edge and rounded corners, if you have a table with flat edges and square corners this part should be even easier.

Step Four:

Stick down the vinyl. This can be a bit fiddly as you want to get it right first time to ensure the vinyl is secure. Taking off an re-positioning is possible but I find the vinyl looses stick and creates more air bubbles. As we are looking for a marble like finish air bubbles can jog on! To help me place it accurately first time I made a pencil mark on both the table edge and the edge of the vinyl identifying the middle of each. This isn’t foolproof and the result will rest heavily on the measuring and cutting but it definitely helps. Once you are happy with the position of the vinyl use a credit card to smooth it down. Push the card along the length on the table and move down towards the bottom of the table a few inches at a time. This should rid you of any pesky air bubbles.

Step Five:

Get gilding! If you have a table with flat edges you could attempt to cover these with the Vinyl as well. With bevelled edges, painting seemed the easiest option with this particular table. Anyone who has seen any of my other up-cycles knows I enjoy a gold accent. This Rustoleum Painters Touch is my favourite to use as it gives very opaque coverage in just two coats and is a nice shade of gold not brassy or too yellow like some other paints I’ve used. I should probably advise to tape of the top of the table but I was a maverick and went free hand with a small brush. Give it 30 minutes between coats.

That’s it! Now stand back and bask in the glory of your greatness. You have created a Instagram worthy side table perfect for placing you glass of wine on in-between sips. Plus it doubles up as the perfect flat-lay background should you be inclined to indulge in such things.

Dan’s corner  – Dan is mentioned a lot in my blog posts so he has decided to submit a 3 word review of each blog/event/item describing his involvement. Today’s is…..

I was batman

(Yep that basically sums up our home life)

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