Bristol staycation – Part 2

I promised I’d finish this post this weekend and here it is. I’m sat here laptop on well….. my lap and Caorunn gin & tonic in hand. So lets see what else Bristol had to offer. as I said I was looking to tick some boxes during the week. As it stands I have £198 remaining and I’ve visit 2 new places in Bristol.

  • Sense of accomplishment  
  • Relaxation
  • Quality couple time
  • Visit at least 3 new places
  • Keep spend to around £350 for the week

June 28 – Nutmeg Restaurant (Indian)

Nutmeg is a new(ish) restaurant in Clifton Village, however unlike the abundance of Indian take-away’s, Nutmeg prides itself on being different and authentic. I was certainly impressed on entrance to the restaurant. Instead of the usual burgundy embossed wallpaper and sitar music I was greeted with a stylish deep blue decor and modern, vibrant mural. The tables were sleek the smell from the kitchen just heavenly.

Like a lot of foodies I had perused the menu online before arriving. For someone who prides themselves on being knowledgeable about food I was surprised to see that I had heard of only a few of these dishes in each course. Perhaps this was an indicator of their advertised authenticity or maybe I had been more picky with Indian food than realised. I decided to steer away from the dishes I knew and broaden my spice palate. Luckily the staff were well versed in spices and flavours so based on my preferences they helped me navigate the menu. Dan found it more difficult to select an ideal meal for a vegetarian. There were four vegetarian mains on the menu; 2 cottage cheese based, 1 chickpea based and 1 Biryani. I am no expert but Dan assures me that Indian food is usually a good shout for vegetarians especially those who like them hot as many of the local population (of India) are also veggies.

The problem was unlike your local takeaway, the menu provided had no indication of heat (y’know the little chilli rating on the side?). I think as the names of the dishes were a little more obscure, this would have been a helpful addition to the menu. Despite this we ordered and although Dan’s option may have lacked the heat he loves it did pack a flavour punch. My Lamb although beautifully cooked was a little on the hot-side for me. It was a more savoury curry than I’m used to, I’m usually more of a Tikka Masala lady. This is not a negative reflection on the food more of a confession that perhaps my palate is less refined than I had hoped. This place is perfect for spice lovers and exotic foodie lovers, but I’ll make mine one chicken Tikka and a peshwari naan to go.

  • Nutmeg cost (2 starters, 2 mains, 2 cocktails and 2 glasses of wine) – £70
  • Remaining budget – £128
  • New places visited – 3
  • Quality couple time


June 29 – Bristol Harbour Hotel – SPA

I had been looking forward to this all week. Who new a such a sanctuary would be hidden away on Corn Street? Bristol Harbour Hotel offered a great midweek spa day rate with included the below.

  • Access to the spa from 10am
  • 25 minute treatment – choice of various massages a facial or foot exfoliation
  • departure from a spa at 1pm
  • lunch in the Jetty restaurant (2 courses, reduced menu)

This spa is small not like the big hotel spas I’ve visited before; Celtic Manor, Cadbury Hilton etc. However just like your mother told you, size is not everything, and the underground chambers with their dimly lit vaults more than makes up for this. On arrival we were greeted with Spa eau de toilette aka sandalwood incense and our receptionist was so relaxed she could only communicate in breathy ‘Marks and Spencer’ advert whispers. This all looked very promising and much needed relaxation appeared to be within grasp.

Fluffy robe and slippers in hand I headed into the ladies changing room. The halls were dimly lit so much like in the Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch stores I proceeded hands outstretched and squinty eyed. I understand this is to add to the sense of relaxation so i said ‘heck’ what’s a stubbed toe in the grand scheme of things? Ha ha

Jokes aside, the ambience was really lovely, as it was midweek there was only myself, Dan and two other women in the Spa which consisted of a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam. Jewelled mosaics adorned the walls, and beech decking made the floors feel holiday worthy. I really felt at ease the only thing missing was some sort of relaxing music. The spa is equipped with Bose speakers through-out yet no whale music or pan pipes was played.

After an hour we were called in for our treatments. We both opted for aromatherapy massage. The massage was calming but for someone who books sports massage it lacked a lot of pressure for me personally. One thing I did love was the form you filled in for your treatment. One of the options simply said ‘we understand that not everyone likes to talk during their treatment if you would prefer not to talk tick here’. This was pure genius to me. I’ve never been one for small talk and I can happily sit in silence with another human being without discussing what I do for a living or where I’m going on holiday. This isn’t ignorance or failure to be friendly it’s just simply saying I talk enough in everyday life and right now I want to be submersed in relaxation and taken somewhere else and I don’t see this happening if I’m reminded about that email I need to send or that meeting I have coming up. Besides you can always not tick the box and have massage and a chat. Worries rubbed away and slippery from my ylang ylang oil I headed to the showers to get ready for lunch.

Lunch was served in the Jetty Restaurant. The velvet and gold decor continued and we were seated and the emerald green booth. A two course menu was included in our package and you could upgrade to a three course for £3.50. All in all we had a lovely time in the spa and restaurant, so much I’m already looking for an excuse to return

  • Spa package costs £60 each (£130)
  • extra food and drink costs £22.50
  • New places visited – 4 
  • Quality couple time
  • Relaxation 


  • Total spend – £374.50 (£24.50 over budget)
  • 4 new places visit 
  • lots of quality time
  • at least 3 hours of pure relaxation
  • Sense of achievement – have completed the up cycling of my dining room chairs but these will be in another post coming soon. 

This week was quite indulgent but because we didn’t have any accommodation or travel costs it was actually very cost effective. I was a little disappointed to go over budget but i still think £374.50 for a week of fun is good value. Bristol is such a great place to just go out and explore, so perhaps this is the year to take your very own staycation.

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