How to make the most of your sales on Ebay

Had a good clear out or desperate to make some space? Below are 5 tips I follow to get the most out of my sales.

Be realistic

Think about what you would be happy to pay money for on Ebay? If you wouldn’t by an item of clothing second hand because it’s too worn or perhaps the cost of buying a brand new one from Primark is equally as cheap (think t-shirts, vest tops etc); it’s unlikely many other people will either. You may end up selling the item for a tiny price but is that couple of pounds worth the trip to the post office to get it to the bidder? For items that aren’t worth the trip and are undamaged, just pop in a bag and donate to your nearest charity shop.

Take a good photo

Sounds obvious but I still see some shockers on Ebay. You don’t need to be a superstar Instagramer to take an advert photo just a clear, clean background and your smartphone will be fine. I usually go for a light wall or even a light-coloured door. As I do a little bit of sewing and sometimes like to update pieces in my wardrobe, I have invested in a mannequin. I always use this when selling on Ebay as I found as a buyer I am drawn to items which I can imagine on me, this is easier to do if the item is on figure in the first place. My mannequin was only £30 and I’ve certainly got my money’s worth out of it, but you can get the exact same effect by bribing your friend with some gin, and asking them to model for you. You don’t even need to have their face in the picture, a shot from the neck down works just as well.

Timing is everything

When do you find yourself perusing Ebay? If you’re anything like me it’s after dinner whilst lounging on the sofa (7pm – 9pm) or weekends mid-morning before I head out for the day. Many other sources agree these are peak ‘Ebaying’ times, so make sure you plan your adverts to end during one of these to maximise watchers and bidders. You can even schedule your adverts to start and finish at specific times if you want to put your adverts together in advance.

Post and Packaging

You’re probably selling your clothes to save up for a holiday, deposit….buy more clothes? (that’s me!) So, you want to make as much as you can, but don’t be that seller that tries to make a profit out of the P&P charges. It’s just not good seller’s etiquette and everyone bidding will spot it mile off. Yes, they may still bid but you don’t really want to be that person. Besides if you’ve followed tips 1 – 3 your item is likely to make a nice profit without any underhand tactics. Ebay very handily offers you suggested P&P rates based on the title of your item, unless I’m advertising a dress made from an unusually heavy fabric I always use these and the postage rarely differs when I reach the post office.

Feedback and ratings

You don’t need to do anything special to get good feedback, in fact I leave 5 stars for any seller that has delivered my item promptly and it is as advertised. Just make sure check your page once a day in case anyone has any questions etc. It’s only 7 days (longer selling periods are available) and a prompt reply really does work in your favour especially if that person ends up being the winning bidder.

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